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Build a Community for Every Use-Case
HelloBox gives you the ultimate flexibility and an unparalled feature set.
So you can build a community suitable for just about every use case.
Existing On/Off-line Groups
Got a group already with members focused around common interest? HelloBox is your perfect next platform to move and compliment your online presence.
Move from Facebook / Twitter / Old Forums
Tired of generic features and lack of control? We breath community day and night so we are focused on solving all aspects of community building. We think you deserve it.
For all the Makers / Creators
Are you a digital creative? influencer? typography designer? developer? Start engaging with your audience the right way. Build and foster positive culture around your own creation and own the community that belongs to you.
Entrepreneurs / Startups
It's paramount you build a right community around your product early on. HelloBox helps you achieve just that and build followers around your product, so you can achieve product-market-fit as early as possible.
Newsletter Communities
Managing your own newsletter subscribers? HelloBox provides you a perfect place to encourage and further the discussion with your members and allow them to connect together.
Course Communities
Teaching a course? Add a community to help your students connect with each other, and improve student-outcomes.
HelloBox is a perfect place to start your blog and engage with your readers - invite people to guest-post, discuss and help them come back with newsletters.
Podcast Communities
Your listeners want to keep the conversation going after the episode is over. Offer premium content they can’t get anywhere else.
Businesses & Teams
Have your customers connect via your community or start one for your existing team at your company. HelloBox is a perfect solution for people to connect on any common interest or topic.
HelloBox Features
Personalize to the n-th degree.
Every community is unique and different in their own ways. HelloBox offers the most flexible platform so you can design your community exactly the way you envision.
Start by adding your very own domain and then deciding whether you want to run a public or a private site. You can decide on how members authenticates using various methods (e.g. email, Twitter).
Upload your logo, favicon, pick a layout, colors, fonts or even a theme. Otherwise, apply your own CSS styles.
With HelloBox, you have it your way in every way.
HelloBox Features
Scalability built-in
Scale your community with HelloBox's built-in tools. Set your members' notification settings so they are alerted when various events happen on your site.
Provide RSS feeds, Twitter integration and all the standard social features (e.g. voting, bookmarking, comments) to accelerate the engagement of your site.
Integrate with Google Analytics and various industry-leading SEO tools to analyze and find insights to further drive traffic.
Rinse, repeat and continue as your community becomes the main voice within your domain.
HelloBox Features
Extend as far as you can
Need to start extending your community via other third-party tools? HelloBox offers you a growing list of integrations with other popular tools such as Twitter, Slack, Discord, Google Analytics, Tawk (and many other chatbots etc.)
And whenever you need to reach out for help, our support team is right here to answer all of your questions.
Let us know what you need. Our team releases new features almost on a weekly basis and we are constantly listening to our users.
Let's build it together.
Interested in more? Check out our full feature list page.
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2,000 Members
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