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About HelloBox
HelloBox has been designed for those who are serious about managing and growing their communities. We work closely with community professionals, who need control, flexibility and power to do what they need to do, and do it really well.
If you are thinking of starting your own community, we would love for you to give HelloBox a go. For more information, please check our feature list or drop us an email at any time.
Flexibility as a Service
No matter what type of community you are running, we're pretty sure HelloBox can handle it. Whether it's a private or public site, client facing, support community or media-centric group, versatility is our core strength.
Customize to the Pixel Level
Communities are living organisms and every community is different from another. That is why we have gone so far to make sure everything about your community can be customized, exactly the way you want.
Un-matched Support Level
You think you're passionate about your community? We use HelloBox ourselves to support our users and we pride ourselves in providing the best support. Our team lives and breathes HelloBox and is here to help, always.
Onwards & Upwards
We've been committed to HelloBox for more than 3 years now and we've made more than 2,000 updates and enhancements. We are just as committed as ever and we don't plan to stop. So you'll always receive the latest & best features.
Some of the Communities Powered by HelloBox
Technolegem is a place for curating the latest news and tools in legal industry.
Fast machines is a community of motor-enthusiasts.
WeaverNews is a community for users of software created by Realmac Software.
A community devoted to finding the latest productivity tools, curated by Robin Good.
Top Jazz News delivers the latest news from the Jazz world - curated in Italian.
We use HelloBox ourselves to update our users of the latest news and updates.
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