Amazing Features Your Community will 😍
HelloBox's feature-set is comprehensive. We list the prominent ones below. For the best exposure to HelloBox, we strongly recommend you to give it a try and get your hands dirty!
Access Settings
Private or public
Make your site either public or private. For a private community, HelloBox automatically configures so that new members are approved by an admin before being allowed in.
Login via third-party accounts
Integrate with popular third-party services for authentication including Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub etc. and the list continually grow. You can specify which third-party services to allow.
Use your domain with HTTPS
Use your own domain name with HTTPS automatically applied to your site.
Email verification built in
We make sure each member sign-up is verified and confirmed by email so that you do not get any spammy members. You can also update member's setttings via admin panel.
Member Settings
Pre-configure member settings
For each new member joining, you can pre-configure how their accounts are set up such as notification settings and newsletter frequency.
Member profile
Each member can fill out their profile with images, descriptions, Twitter handle and more.
Members can specify how they are notified when certain events occur within your community such as Email me when a new post was submitted or Email me when someone mentions my name in the comment.
Awesome block-based content editor
HelloBox's block-based content editor allows you to include all sorts of content types into your post including images, maps, code snippets, tweets etc. It's flexible and powerful and your members will love submitting posts!
Auto-save & draft mode
The worst thing when writing something is when you lost it all. HelloBox saves everything as a post is made, so you never have to worry. Your members can also save what they are typing as a draft, so they can always come back later.
Post approval process
To improve the quality of contents, you can also enable post-approval step, where an admin can either approve or reject the submitted post.
Choose your preferred text editor
When writing texts, you can select between rich-text editor, Medium-like inline editor and Markdown editor. Pick one that is appropriate for your community.
Customize mandatory fields
It can be hard to make sure submitted posts meet a certain standard. You can set this standard by customizing which fields are mandatory - e.g. you can set that each post must have an image attached.
Categories & tags
Contents can have tags and also be assigned to a category. This helps your community to organize and search contents easily.
Style each tag and how it looks
All tags can be managed via the HelloBox admin panel and you can apply different styles to tags so that they are highlighted differently.
Brand yourself
Start by uploading a logo and a favicon of your community, select an appropriate color set and font set to capture the right appearance.
Customize common elements
Then start customizing the common elements (e.g. header, navigation) by changing their colors, background colors, hover state etc.
Customize each page
You can further customize how each page looks in your site. Show or hide elements that you do not want to display, apply style changes whenever you need them.
Customize individual elements
HelloBox takes one step further and allows you to customize various individual elements (e.g. tag) througout the site.
Apply your own CSS styles
And finally of course, you can change the entire site's look and feel by applying your very own CSS styles.
Newsletter by default
HelloBox automatically sends newsletter with popular posts from your site to all your members as well as any newsletter subscribers - all features related to newsletter are included.
BYO Newsletter
Got an existing newsletter? You can import the current subscribers or you can continue to use your current one. We'll simply link to it.
Customize & Reporting
Newsletters can be customized with messages, images, footer, signature etc. We also inform you how engaged readers are via newsletters.
Auto-post to popular channels
Increase traffic and engagement by posting your site's contents to Twitter, Slack and Discord. Many more on their way!
Analytics for more insights
Add Google Analytics and use our sitemap in your Google Search Console to get better insights to how your site is performing.
Add popular chatbots from Intercom, HubSpot, Drift and more and add them directly to your site so your visitors are engaged.
Extend your site with widgets
Add latest comments, Facebook like plugin, popular content widgets to your site to add even more capabilities to your site.
Custom widgets
Create your own widget! You can add your very own widget with our widget editor and have them installed directly in your site.
Add your own advertising
Bring in your own advertising items to your site (e.g. Google Ads) and monetize directly! You keep all the revenue.
Sell advertising space - coming soon!
Open up your site for your members and visitors to directly advertise on your site.
Sell memberships - coming soon!
Create paid memberships and provide premium features to your paid members as you grow your community base.
And more..
Translate everything
Translate every word, text label that appears on your site. You can even use a different language if you wish to.
Admin panel
Use our awesomely intuitive admin panel to control every part of your site - easy to navigate and filled with features.
Custom static pages
Need to add static pages to your site? No problem - use our page editor to create a static page like About us.
Weekly release cycle
Our team releases new features and updates on a weekly basis, so our platform is always improving.
Awesome support available, always
Our support team lives and breathes HelloBox every day. Got any problem? Let us know immediately.
Should we get started?