Hello. My grandma, 75 years old has one lung with holes all through it due to smoking since she was but 10 years old. She was on oxygen for the last two years, breathing treatments for the past 10 or so years. Miraculously she doesn't need her oxygen anymore. Doesn't do her breathing treatments. She seems fine in that aspect but she claims to see a ghost. She said he used to be mean to other people but now he's nice. She loves him, he's her lover and he breathes in her ear. She said he sounds sexy. She asked him not to show his face so she doesn't know what he looks like. He showed up a couple weeks ago when she got really sick, he told her she had a sickness that used to be common in his times. He told her she couldn't eat or drink unless he said so and he chose what. If she needed to go to the bathroom she had to ask and if he didn't want her to then she had to mess on herself. She said he flushed her insides out and healed her. She said colors she had never seen before came out of her. At night it gets really bad. Her caretaker, my aunt said she stays in her room and laughs hysterically all night long. The other day she was waiting for her in the kitchen with a butcher knife, said she thought she heard something and had the door wide open and she has never been at home alone before in my whole life with the doors unlocked let alone open. A couple of nights ago she was sitting in the living room staring at the ceiling laughing. Is this dementia? Or is the ghost real? Could she be possessed?

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