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Features are important to you, and to us.
Before we get to the list of features, we want you to know that this list is not the complete list. We are adding new features each day, so the best way to catch up on the latest development is via our own HelloBox.
If you are looking for something that we don't have yet, then let us know and we'll add it to our list.
Last but not least, the best way to get a taste of HelloBox is to actually sign up and try one yourself.
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Get started in just 3 clicks
No complex set-up. Nothing to install. No programming required. All you need to start your community is the passion you already have. HelloBox will step you through every single thing. And if you're ever stuck, you have our full support and the documentation that gives you all the information.
Bring your own domain name
When you create a community on HelloBox, we automatically give you an accessible address based on HelloBox's sub-domain - e.g. http://awesome.hellobox.co. But you can make your community even more personal if you have your own domain name. You can set it up any way you want. It could be a top-level, second-level and your own sub-domain. We will guide you through the steps.
Manage everything with a smail on your face
There is nothing like being in the driver's seat when managing your community. HelloBox gives you absolutely everything you need to manage every aspect of your community. Members, access, contents, tags, comments, themes, the list goes on and one. And we're building new features every day, so if you ever need something specific, let us know and we'll surely put it on our list.
Get the insights into what is happening
In addition to managing everything, HelloBox provides a detailed report on how your communities are doing via dashboard, charts and reports. If that's not enough, integrate with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to get even more information on how your community is performing. Knowledge is power and with it, you can adapt and continue to grow your community.
Design your community the way you want
At HelloBox, we know how important is to make your community site as attractive as possible, at the same time functional. That's why we provide themes, design options to change fonts, colors, images, upload logos and favicons. That's not all! We also give you option to change the styles directly, so you can make sure your community reflects what it represents.
Make your community speak your language
You can further apply your personalization by changing every single wording, labels and texts that appear on your community to exactly how you want to say it. This means you could translate the entire site into a language of your choice!
Awesome, custom text editor built just for HelloBox
Community is nothing without awesome contents and awesome contents are not possible without a capable text editor. We have a custom built a text editor just for our HelloBox users that is far superior that any other text editors out there. We support automatic saving, save-to-draft, publish-later options.
World-class support right at your finger tip
HelloBox team lives and breathes support and we are answering your questions 24/7. If you are stuck at any stage, have any questions or problems, let us know and we will look into your issue immediately. That is our guarantee.
Powerful comment engine to drive engagement
HelloBox comes with the state-of-the-art comment engine that your members will love. But if you wish to, you can change to use Disqus or other commenting engine of your choice.
Make your members keep coming back for more with newsletters
Every community created on HelloBox has the default newsletter feature built-in. Your members then will receive regular email newsletters including the latest posts and updates. It comes with all the necessary options such as change subscription and un-subscribe options.
All standard social features included to drive growth
Like the post, vote up or vote down on comments, follow members, share the post across social media. HelloBox has all the standard social features baked in, so you don't have to worry about them. Sit back and watch your engagement go through the roof.
Control your community access for more private types
If your community is more strict on who can access, HelloBox makes it super simple to create a private community. With a click of a button, create a community where members must register and be approved, so you know exactly who has access and who doesn't.
Let your members sign up using their favorite accuont
Of course you don't want to create another account! That is why you can let your users sign up to your community using their favorite account. Currently HelloBox supports Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub and BitBucket. More are on their way.
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